This year, the csm is using eventbrite for registration. you are now registering as a crew, similarly to regatta central. this year the csm is charging hst separately, in addition to a small eventbrite fee.

how do i register?

what is included in my 42 or 21K CSM registration fee?

1. crew registration for your 42KM or 21 km event.

2. 2019 csm sports t-shirt.

3. bbq lunch (burger, veggie burger or sausage with all the dressings), side salads, cold drinks and deserts (go ahead - you just rowed a marathon).

4. medals / prizes tbd. stay tuned.

The CSM is not able to issue refunds, however, eventbrite offers a protect my purchase option for $5.22 per registrant.

your purchase will be protected from unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from attending or racing e.g. Illness & health, traffic accidents, family emergencies, severe weather, military or jury duty or serious injury.

Can I get a refund in the event of severe weather, Illness etc?

2019 T-shirts?

Yup! They’re back for 2019 in flourescent orange sports material. T-shirts are included in your 42 or 21K registration fee.

In order to be guaranteed a t-shirt on race day, you must register by July 31st. Registration by Aug 9th, will mean you have a high likely-hood of having your t-shirt on race day. Registration after this date means your t-shirt will likely need to be shipped to your club’s address (at no extra cost).

t-shirts are not included for the 10K event. They are available separately for an additional $15 per registrant.

can i scull in both the 42 and 21k events?

No. The 42 and 21K events run concurrently. The start times are staggered by 1 hour.

Yes! the 10K CSM event that is held on sat aug 24th is for members of onec, and is not considered a competition between two or more clubs. You will be required to become an ONec guest member for the day, at no additional cost.

row hard! you’ll be representing onec. for 2020, the 10K will be a rowing canada aviron sanctioned event.

10K registration is separate from the 42, and 21K events (can also be found on the csm eventbrite registration page), and includes: crew registration, light refreshments following the event, awards.

Can I race in the 10k event if I’m also in the 21 or 42K marathon?

the 21 and 42k events are considered touring events. please see registration details on eventbrite for eligible boats.

you can row a racing shell for the 10k event.

for 2020 we are hoping to have both touring & racing shells in the longer distance events. stay tuned.

Can I row in a racing shell for the CSM?